COVID Response

Covid Response

As many of you are aware, I have had the honor and privilege of serving as your City Councilor for the past 7 years; and I am currently a candidate for State Representative in the 9th Hampden District. As I continue to do my best under my current role to govern effectively and responsibly, I believe that there are three phases in government’s response to this pandemic: Response, Recovery and Resiliency. As your next State Representative, I have a plan for all three:


As your City Councilor, I have:
  • Strongly opposed the Springfield Water & Sewer Commission rate hike and submitted a petition with almost 1,000 signatures asking that they impose a rate freeze,
  • Helped expand hours of operation and language access to the Department of Unemployment Assistance
  • Worked with the Department of Health and Human Service to provide masks for senior citizens
  • Supported extending deadlines and suspending late fees for municipal tax collections


As your State Representative, I will:
  • Propose statewide mortgage/rent deferments for those financially impacted
  • Create a system to help small businesses temporarily pay wages for rehired employees
  • Expanded job training opportunities (including virtual trainings) for displaced workers,
  • Support a statewide tuition freeze


As your State Representative, I will also:
  • Propose legislation preventing price gouging and hoarding of essential supplies during a pandemic
  • Propose permanent legislation expanding paid sick leave
  • Make sure the state’s stockpile of emergency supplies are filled
  • Ensure that our schoolteachers and students have affordable internet access for remote learning
  • Support low, or no-interest loans for employers expanding remote work