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Orlando Ramos shaking hands with a small business owner.

Orlando's Plan for Jobs and Economic Development

Investing in Springfield’s economy is key for our future. As Mayor, I’ll take action to strengthen small businesses, create good jobs, and make our city more attractive to do business in.

  • Creating the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): I believe that Springfield has a lot to offer, and we need to successfully brand our city to attract investment and business. By hiring a CMO, we can promote everything we have to offer and open up new opportunities.
  • Establishing a SMART City Initiative: By leveraging smart city technologies, we can do more with less and improve our infrastructure. This includes municipal broadband, smart parking, real-time road navigation, intelligent traffic signals and crosswalks, and a municipal mobile app.
  • Investing in Workforce Development: I am proud to support initiatives that create job opportunities for individuals who are underemployed or formerly incarcerated. I envision a public/private partnership to create a city-wide subsidized employment initiative, like the successful program in Detroit.
  • Small and micro business assistance: I propose a fund for startup businesses to be made available through our yearly budget, in partnership with local economic development organizations for wrap-around technical assistance services.
  • National/Global Advertisement to Create Remote/Hybrid Hubs: Springfield is a desirable place to live, and our affordability makes us an attractive destination for economic development, particularly in the future of work post-pandemic. By advertising nationally and globally, we can attract companies looking for alternatives to the high cost of Boston and NYC.
  • Support our local business districts, with street beautification, increased police patrols, and grants and loans to small businesses.
  • Prioritize local businesses in city contracting to ensure that tax dollars stay in our city, whenever possible.
  • Eliminate unnecessary red tape and regulations in order to make Springfield an easier place to do business in.