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Vote Tuesday, September 12th and November 7th!

Orlando Ramos

For Mayor of Springfield, MA

I’m a State Representative, union carpenter, and proud girl Dad. I was born and raised in Springfield by a single mother who worked as a cashier at Walmart. She sacrificed so I could graduate from Putnam, become a carpenter, and purchase my first home.

As City Councilor, I lowered property taxes for seniors, and got illegal dirt bikes off the streets. As State Rep, I stopped the biomass plant, ensured small businesses can benefit from sports betting, and secured millions of dollars for Springfield.

Domenic Sarno has changed. He’s taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interests to turn a blind eye to rising crime, police scandals, and skyrocketing utility rates.

As Mayor I’ll be accountable only to you, and focus on public safety and affordability. I am the only candidate with City and State experience and I am ready to move Springfield forward. I humbly ask for your vote on September 12th!

Issues We Work on

What we are doing and what we can achieve together

Caring for Our Seniors

As City Councilor, Orlando has a proven track-record on supporting issues that are important to Seniors.

Public Safety

As City Councilor, Orlando has a proven track-record on Public Safety.

Economic Development

As City Councilor, and former chairman of Economic Development, Orlando has worked to support Economic Development.

Quality of Life

He dedicated almost a decade of his life working for the State Legislature on behalf of the residents of Springfield and Chicopee, and authored several pieces of legislation to help improve the quality of life for his constituents.

Donate To Our Campaign

I believe that together we can achieve more than any one person could ever do alone. I believe in Communication, Collaboration and Compromise. It is time to move beyond partisanship and build a stronger tomorrow, together!

Campaign News

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